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For every businessperson, their clients are the most valuable entities since they are the stepping-stone to help build up a company efficiently. Meanwhile, the credit to a business’s success equally goes to the team members of the company whose teamwork contributes a lot in attracting clients and enhances the business sales and leads. That is why we periodically offer lots of career-oriented job opportunities for qualified entities from various professional backgrounds and recruit them depending on their know-how and experience. We are specialists in the industries of management and IT consulting, technology and innovation and encourage beginners or professionals to start or excel in their career backgrounds respectively. 

At TRUST, we have career opportunities that we are sure you will like to avail them without a doubt.

Job Openings

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Beirut - Lebanon

Deadline: 2015-07-31
Posted: 2015-07-10
Organization Type: Consultancy & Communication
Categories: Consultancy & Communication
Keywords: Sales & Marketing
Salary: Negotiable

Corporate headquarters

Phoenicia, Machkhas Center, 7th Floor Beirut - Lebanon

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