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First Year (Entry Level) & Summer Analyst Positions

Whether you are looking to apply for the first year (entry level) or a summer analyst position, we recommend you to submit your documents such as resume, previous credentials etc. with cover letter to : recruitment@trust-ci.com


Skilled Professionals

If you are a seasoned professional, you should submit your credentials and cover letter to : recruitment@trust-ci.com

Please note we welcome application from skilled professionals throughout a year.


Non-Consulting Positions

Those seeking to apply for a non-consulting position, they should kindly get in touch with our HR department at : recruitment@trust-ci.com


Current opportunity:

We currently have openings. Anyone interested in applying is requested to drop his/her credentials along with cover letter to : recruitment@trust-ci.com


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The Amazing ExpenditureChange

The financial sector over the past decades has been crucially affected whilst its expenditure are being considered a bit unexciting, is a blatant yet acceptable fact.

Discover the future

The 15 Global Challenges provide a framework to assess the global and local prospects for humanity.


Management System

We are leading specialist in management systems consultancy, helping a wide range of worldwide clients to implement and maintain highly func


Let's admit the fact that the sourcing market is a hot spot and yet also a shrilling site.

ISO Certification Consultancy

We provide auditing, inspection and certification process for organizations to assist in meeting their business objectives



TRUST holds a longtime experience in the discipline of International Financial Reporting Standards (or IFRS).


Tax system today is literally no longer the same as it used to be in the past and as time passes, more new trends are likely to set in it.


TRUST has managed to occupy a professional position in the industry for providing first-rate finance services to corporate businesses

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