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At TRUST, we believe the foundation of a company’s business fundamentally relies on the people involved in the personnel. After all, the commitment to deliver quality work to the clients without exceeding the deadline invariably comes down to the spirited efficiency of the team workers who collectively put their best efforts in achieving the client’s goals.


While we strictly focus on hiring people with rich professional backgrounds, every candidate whether he/she is a graduate novice, knowledgeable consultant or business support professional who qualifies our benchmarks successfully, and yet it is also a must for them to be gifted with the following abilities if they want to be hired by our company:


  • Dynamism


  • Effective communication and relationship developing skills


  • Competency to resolve client’s needs


  • Analytical efficiency


  • Efficiency to deliver quality results within a deadline


  • Readiness to change/adapt yourself


If you think your personality covers the aforesaid qualities, we encourage you to browse our current job vacancies and choose one that best fits you.


Audit, Accounting, Tax Consultants

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Outsourcing Services

We are committed delivering the best outsourcing solution for your business need, and provide a customer experience that is second to none.

Payroll Outsourcing Services

Save time and money with our special payroll outsourcing services. We are empowering organizations of all sizes to reduce the time, effort and cost of payroll administration.


At TRUST, we have earned an enviable position in the industry for optimizing the performance and quality of legislative audits nationally an



Tax system today is literally no longer the same as it used to be in the past and as time passes, more new trends are likely to set in it.


TRUST has managed to occupy a professional position in the industry for providing first-rate finance services to corporate businesses


TRUST holds a longtime experience in the discipline of International Financial Reporting Standards (or IFRS).

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