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Value walks: Successful habits for improving workforce motivation and productivity


Under the fast competitive phase of health services, we often think as if it is possible for us to deal with the growing demand of the same efficiently when we know our resources are tapering. Would quality be still as pure in the process as it has been ever before? Is it probably for us to make our healthcare workers more efficient and resourceful while improving the work quality?


To help ourselves get the solutions to the foregoing issues, we have probed into a number of exciting best examples from different locations of the globe to conclude that by making sincere efforts and transmutation modifications, it is easy to deal with all types of problems.


Foreword: people craft value for patients


Over the considerable decades, a wide range of health policies being weighted internationally has put its attention on the commendable yet technocratic change intended at affecting the system in which healthcare is forked out.


The personnel challenge


The healthcare structure of the urbanized countries is going through longstanding critical burdens and issues. The reason being that people are ageing faster and in the wake of which the demand for health services is also widening at the same pace.


Constructing the bridge: can we afford it?


It is very possible that 20-30 % lack of healthcare staff in urbanized countries would give a cue that the industry is intended to go through a considerable deficit of competent healthcare experts.


Expanding the output of healthcare providers


While ironing out the personnel issue by bumping up the inclusive costs to intolerable levels is not a practical answer, while giving extra stress on generating productivity also poses apparent risks.


Conclusion: Demography is not destiny


All facts and figures give a direct reference to the fact that, in the time to come imminently, the grouping of demographic alterations and balloonedhealthcare usage per capita will keep to augment demand for healthcare services.


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